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Post details: Photographer's Choice

Photographer's Choice

Opportunities do not last forever. That is one of the most important lessons we all eventually learn. Life presents us with a mind boggling series of choices, but more often than not those choices have fine printed expiration dates. Yes it would be great if we could take some time off any time we are presented with a dilemma and ponder all its ramifications in the quiet comfort of our homes. But it does not work that way. By the time we reach the optimal solution, the changed circumstances may no longer allow it.

Examining the facts with all their attendant consequences is great, but gut reaction is often the way to go. That line separating spontaneity and premeditation is the same line which runs through a photographer's mind when she sees a great but ephemeral shot and has to decide whether to think about it and choose the right angle, or just grab a camera and sideswipe whatever happens to be passing in front of her eyes on its way into oblivion. And that's not an easy choice. Some shots last for a while, and positioning your tripod carefully will pay off handsomely. But some have a half-life of a transuranium element, and if your fingers dawdle just for a second the image will poof on you without refund.

If you think about it that is exactly how it is with life. We can either capture whatever comes our way, or wait in eternity for the planets to align optimally again.

Success is determined not only by our ability to find the correct solution, but - perhaps more importantly - also by our instinct which tells us how much time we have to arrive at it. Deciding on the fly whether we can afford a little analysis, or whether we need to shoot from the hip - that is our own photographer's choice.



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