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Post details: Peak Oil

Peak Oil

The price of crude oil has climbed over $90 again.
And I think I know why.

Nope, it's not because of the demand from emerging economies.
Nor is it because Bernanke is vehemently debasing our currency.
It is the dinosaurs!

(or whoever is responsible for that stuff that the crude is made out of)

Whenever I drive up to a gas station nowadays, I smell a class action law suit against these Jurassic monsters for purposefully vomiting in hard to reach places. Come on, one hundred miles off the coast of Brazil? You must be kidding me.

As if they couldn't have deposited their waste in an easily accessible area, preferably within conveyor belt distance from a major refinery of the future. But no, that would be too much to ask of their little brains.

I can almost hear those scaly bastards living it up in some remote Alaskan valley: "Hey dudes, let's party like it's 64,999,999 BC! We are too big to fail, right?"


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