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Post details: Cherry Pandamonium

Cherry Pandamonium

There is power in numbers. Seeing a cherry tree bloom is cute, seeing hundreds of them exuberate together can set your wonderment free. That is the kind of sight the Tidal Basin downtown Washington, DC offers its visitors every year at the onset of April. Within days the surrounding groves explode with white blossoms, as scores upon scores of cherry trees put their wedding gowns simultaneously on. From a distance it appears that their boughs are wrapped in cotton candy.

People from far and away flock to Washington for the occasion, so the city's transportation arteries get rather congested, especially over the weekend. The subway cars could use some of those Japanese people pushers, parking anywhere near the National Mall is an exercise in futility and when you watch the entrance to the Smithsonian Station, you get the feeling that you see a geyser of people gushing forth from deep underground. If you think of people as gas molecules, then watching throngs streaming chaotically in both directions around the basin might provide useful pointers for the study of the dynamics of heating.

This year the cherry trees got an extra embellishment. Some girl attached a plush panda to one of the branches. Perching precariously on its bridge, the stuffed beast was benevolently watching the stuffed paths underneath it, and it must have felt pleasingly belonging.



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