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Post details: Obvious Observation

Obvious Observation

There is no "trust at first sight". Trust is doled out in small coins by placing yourself in a vulnerable position and yet not being taken advantage of. Every time a trustee does not capitalize on an opportunity to hurt you, a little grain is added to the heap of trust. But that vulnerability has to be carefully phased in. You don't expose your Achilles Heel to a perfect stranger.

Imagine living with a roommate. First day, you place a penny on a table and go to work. If it isn't there when you come back - you better give your roommate a hard look. But hey - you lost only one cent. If it's there, good. Next day you put a nickel on the table and you repeat the procedure. Then a dime, a quarter, a dollar and so on.

The day you can put thousand dollars on the table and know it will be there when you come back is the day your roommate earned your trust. Quite simple.


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