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Banbury Cross

a pillow for lost thoughts...

Post details: November Blues

November Blues


drummer is drunk and sky may drizzle
call in your pranks before they fizzle
steady your hand - don't spill the bones
don't push the cart on rugged stones

barely alive
desolate trees
and grazing skeletons
dance their comatose waltz
two soldiers lean against a rock
an old frozen cat the only grub in their bag
and as the armies of winter wheeze behind the hills
one soldier tilts his torso and mutters under his breath

> the only thing worse than a battle
> is the long wait before it starts

there is no response - only a heavy detail of silence
and a hand pulling a blanket over a battered head

jump over moon and skip the streams
here comes the hero of all my dreams
a haggard pony plodding down the alley
with overthrown eyes and an empty belly



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