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Post details: Blue Geysers

Blue Geysers

Beauty likes to be seen. It likes to roll down the glitzy runway, slaloming between the camera flashes and absorbing the idolizing looks of the audiences like a starving attention sponge. That's why publicists, groupies, paparazzis, and admirers of any kind are in close tow whenever it rears its pretty head. But every now and then - if you are lucky - you can catch the beauty in its secret chamber behind the oak door, far from the limelight and far from the fawning crowds, resting and restive at the same time, sipping on a broccoli shake and not worried at all about the make up.

As I was walking through downtown LA this past Easter, cutting across the Hope Street on my way from the LA Cathedral to the Walt Disney Hall, I noticed a blueish glow coming from a distant and completely unlit part of the surrounding area. When I came closer I found out that the ethereal light emanated from four fountains dancing out an unlisted nightly soliloquy in a flat pool behind the John Ferraro Building, not far from the northwestern tip of the Grand Park.

Downtown LA has a number of fountains, all resourcefully illuminated, and greatly enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. But these were different. There was not a soul in sight, let alone a recording device. Yet they did not seem to mind. The four fountains were bursting their little jets off and streaming their Rhapsody in Blue across the dark water surface regardless of the complete lack of an applauding entourage. So while the night quietly rotated its socks, I sat down on a concrete walkway and pondered the gravity defying sorties and the ease with which the spouting cavalry purged their spectacle of any hints of ostentation. What was left was pure style.

If you ever are in the neighborhood and want to have a private moment with the beauty, go for it. It is just a few blocks from the Civic Center station and the chances are that the four blue geysers will still be there, performing their solitary routine and geysing tirelessly for your eyes only.



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