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Post details: The Power of Randomness

The Power of Randomness

Now that the Cardinals are to make their second World Series appearance in three years, I really get to appreciate my baseball serendipity.

Three Easters ago, at the time when I finally started to begin understanding the rules of baseball, I made my first trip to St. Louis. Shortly after that a colleague of mine suggested that my appreciation of baseball would increase if I chose a team to root for and as one of the candidates she mentioned the Cardinals. Well, with 30 teams to choose from and no obvious candidate at hand, I decided to follow her enthusiasm and go with St Louis.

Considering the fact that I do not have any natural affiliation to any US city, and that my path could have been crossed by any team's fan, I really lucked out. Prior to 2004, the Cards last World Series appearance was in 1987. Yet since then, they have been all over the postseason.

Just consider the following statistic: in the past three years, how many playoff series did the MLB teams offer to their fans? Well, here are the numbers:

8 - St Louis Cardinals
5 - Houston Astros
4 - Boston Red Sox
4 - New York Yankees
3 - Anaheim Angels
3 - Chicago White Sox
3 - Detroit Tigers
2 - Atlanta Braves
2 - Los Angeles Dodgers
2 - Minnesota Twins
2 - New York Mets
2 - Oakland Athletics
2 - San Diego Padres

So thanks to the forces of randomness I got to enjoy eight exciting postseason series. And any baseball fan can tell you that watching the playoffs without your favorite team in them is like driving someone else's Ferrari.



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