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Post details: Evergreen Marseillaise

Evergreen Marseillaise

In all cultures and at all times, it has been the youth that was the bearer of changes, always eager to wave the flags of revolution and always willing to sacrifice the status quo for a more progressive milieu. After all, the future is primarily theirs, so it is natural that they should decide what ideas will populate its political balcony.

In November 1989, about 20 years after the Soviet tanks crushed the fledging democracy in Czechoslovakia, I was standing at Prague's Wenceslaus Square and I could not believe what I was seeing. After years of standing silent, and reluctantly enduring the staged manifestations of the ruling establishment, the historical square was abuzz with the new blood. Thousands of college and high school students went out in full force and they chanted for freedom until their cautious parents came along. And then in a few short weeks the communism was over. Thanks to the generation that never knew the futility of fighting the Soviet occupants. Thanks to the kids who never got their fingers burned on the regime's insidious stove.

Any time I come to a Ron Paul event, I notice that I am one of the older folks there. Ron Paul may be a doyen of this campaign, but his supporters are some of the youngest, and also the most passionate and caring elements of this presidential pre-season. And in some cases the prettiest ones, too - an attribute whose persuasive potential should not be underestimated. Sure every now and then you get an occasional conspiracy nut thrown in, but the message of the demographics is clear: the new generation is getting fed up with the political Status Quo. If there is a web site rigged for younger audiences, Ron Paul is there. Whatever the format may be, from .mpeg to .aiff, his is words resonate through the hallways of all the new media - Facebook, MySpace, MeetUp, YouTube, independent blogs.

It is mind-boggling that a man who is a constitution stickler and an advocate of ideas put forth by founding fathers centuries ago should be regarded as a radical, but large throngs of twenty-somethings drawn into his orbit speak volumes about the revolution he represents. Perhaps, it is a testament to how far this country has strayed from the ideas upon which it was once built.


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