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Post details: Midterm report

Midterm report

The Cardinals' duel with Mets is not as lopsided as commentators had you believe before it started. Tied 2:2 after 4 games, it leaves everything as open as the jaws of a bored hippo.

Game 1 - the Pitching Duel: in the opener Jeff Weaver pitched well, sadly Tom Glavine pitched even better and that was that for that game. Beltran's homer gave Mets a 2:0 win.

Game 2 - the Resurrection: unlikely heroes came out of woodworks in this game. Game seemed lost at the top of the 7th before Scott Spiezio's triple erased whatever little lead Mets head. And then the abominable Mets closer, Billy Wagner, allowed a cast of Cardinals lead by not-so-abominable So Taguchi stage a dazzling production of resurrection in the 9th. Cards won 9:6.

Game 3 - Suppan's Gem: Cardinals pitcher Jeff Suppan will probably have this game framed. Not only he delivered 8 shutout innings, but he also homered - for the second time in his career. Josh Kinney made the closing statement brief and painless. The runs collected at the beginning of the game carried through - the Cards 5:0.

Game 4 - the Nightmare: the moment the Cards ceased to be perceived as underdogs, their performance plummeted. They are clearly not comfortable as favorites. What could go wrong today, went wrong indeed. A pity that those solo-homers didn't have more meat on them. Let's forget this game. Mets won 12:5

My designated luck-carrier Jeff Weaver is pitching tomorrow. That may be the key game.


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