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Post details: Menu as an Algebra Problem

Menu as an Algebra Problem

An inn is not a place where most people would wield their high level mathematical skills.

Unless the inn keeper has a devious mathematical mind, in which case you better brush up on your trigonometry before ordering the main course. When I was wandering in obscure corners of the Czech Republic this summer, I happened upon a far flung restaurant whose daily specials menu would make you feel very grateful for that little calculator conveniently imbedded in your smart phone.

Consider this sampler (all prices in Czech Koruna = Kc):

Fried Cheese: Sqrt(12100)
Cabbage Soup: 1280-300+20-970
Sausage: 6.71^2
Pancakes: Sqrt(2)/2 = sin(x) (where x in degrees is the price you pay)
Potato pancakes: (2^2+2)*4
Goulash: 8245/97

For connoisseurs of spherical geometry, I will add that this gem can be located at latitude: 49 degrees 49 minutes and 41.53 seconds North and longitude: 16 degrees 8 minutes and 58.122 seconds East. Regular mortals will find it in a small village of Vranice, which is one of the entry points into a low exposure natural park called "Toulovcovy Mastale", known mostly for its dreamy woods, deep ravines and bizarre rock formations from cretaceous limestone. The (partly open air) pub is called "Na verande U Toulovce", and you can get there via a short hike from Bor u Skutce, which in turn is not very far from Nove Hrady (with a nicely renovated castle) and Litomysl (the town where composer Bedrich Smetana was born). You should be able to locate those on any reasonable map of the Czech Republic.

Bon appetite! Or shall I say Bon Arithmetique?



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