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Post details: McLean, 101F

McLean, 101F

Today I woke up as a fish. I swam to the bathroom, took a cold bubble bath, had some corn snowflakes for breakfast and went to work. My Honda submarine successfully avoided several icebergs floating over the Old Chain Bridge Road. The waters were freezing and I had to keep an eye on my engine so it wouldn't overcool. At 10am I arrived in the office, where I was snowed under with work for the entire day. The AC had been raging on the whole previous night, so it really felt more like an on-ice than off-ice. I took a short lunch-break with my officemates, the Penguin, Snowhite, the Cross Country Skier, the Eskimo, the Abominable Snowman, and Eric. I made some favorable comments about Snowwhite's permafrost garden and she smiled at me coldly. While we munched on shredded icicles, we discussed the principles of igloo architecture, the threats of global cooling and why the Cardinals' victorious spirit was suddenly put on ice.

After work I swam to the movies to see the Ice Age 3 and then I went to the gym to exercise on a snow blower. Yeah, for a fish a snow blower is a blast. On my way home I heard this story on a radio about another fish who won a lottery and in a fit of joy leaped out of the water briefly and was instantaneously fried to death. When I returned home, my bedroom was turned into a hollow glacier in the middle of which I recognized the gloomy ghost of Franz Kafka tying the shoelaces on his ice-skates. But I didn't have to worry about insurance or anything. My Allstate agent put "-icy" in my policy long time ago.


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