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Post details: Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio

There is a definite magic to the beach. The soothing sound of breaking waves, the soft surface of the dunes, the steady rhythm of the tap dancing Sun, the tropical lilt of the breeze humming "the Girl of Ipanema" through the palm leaves, the marines of salty droplets facing the army of rootless grains of sand. The beach is the ultimate frontier of the fundamental tug of war between The Great Empire of Land and the Everlasting Kingdom of Sea.

But underneath all that lies something even more primordial. Our fascination with the unknown. Two thirds of our planet are covered with water and we still have only a limited idea of what lies beneath. The beach is where that fascination becomes a contact sport. As we tiptoe the water line, we are circling that unseen world like ancient armies sizing up their foes; or like a kid walking around a new car and peeking into its windows trying to figure out how it works. When we send our gaze across the waves, we really dispatch our humble emissaries to the Sultan of the Deep.

Manuel Antonio is one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica. A pair of secluded beaches with a sizable patch of original Central American rainforest that creates a mesmerizing tropical backdrop: the green lanterns of overhanging trees swaying gently in the wind and offering their branches to migrating troupes of howler monkeys. Playa Manuel Antonio is the place where the jungle of the ocean meets the sea of the rainforest for a late afternoon tango. Two mystic elements staring in each other's eyes. The blue waters on the one side and the green foliage on the other.



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