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Banbury Cross

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Post details: Leave it to Weaver

Leave it to Weaver

Baseball is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. Tonight, the Cardinals started their four game series against the Cincinnati Reds. Considering their recent performance (2-8), the Reds must have smelled the blood in the air and with it the chance of becoming the top dog of the NL Central. When I started watching the webcast I expected a drawn out battle with an uncertain ending. But today's dose of chocolate was sweet rather than bitter. The Cards pulverized the second team in their division 13-1.

Yesterday I bought the piano sheet for the Feather Theme from the movie "Forest Gump". It looked deceptively simple. Written in A major, it has a simple flitting melody and a baseline rhythmically breathing its As and Es. But when I started practicing it, I realized that its simplicity is just a delusion and that my right hand not only doesn't know what my left hand is doing, but somehow it doesn't want to know. As if the two parts were rhythmically incompatible.

On the surface of things, the Cardinals' lopsided victory looked simple too. But I am sure Jeff Weaver, the starting pitcher, spent endless hours to get his rhythm right. Having struggled through three games in fits and starts, he delivered six unwavering innings. Thanks to him, the victory seemed as effortless as if it was the falling feather from the movie.

The good news is that the next three pitchers in line are Anthony Reyes, who halted the recent eight game skid, Jason Marquis, who leads the NL in victories (12) and finally Chris Carpenter, who happens to be Chris Carpenter. The bad news is that the Reds know what is at stake here. This is probably their last train to Banbury Cross and they will run their bases hard to catch it. Run, Forrest, run!

To drum up some acoustic support, the club has even been selling the seats for half-price and offering $1 hotdogs to boot. Yet neither cheap seats nor cheap hotdogs could lure the lukewarm Cincinnatians into the ballpark. It belonged to St Louis.

In the movie, Little Jenny says: "Dear God, make me a bird."

Jeff Weaver became one tonight.


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