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a pillow for lost thoughts...

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Frank Lloyd Wright once said: "Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles." And the city of angels lives up to this reputation. Only a major galactic dump could conjure up such eclectic mixture of profound and mundane. Just reach underneath its pillow and marvel.

...trinkets and churros at santa monica pier, a knotted maze of freeways, a former magician smitten by a can of cold beer, non-stop fountains dreadlocked in the grand park, native indians showing off their plumes in front of the union station, scarlet bricks and deep green lawns at ucla, concrete riverbeds gaping their off-season yawn, people who kiss with an accent, tempest of colors in a flowerpot, lactose intolerant pet iguanas, clinical trials of your favorite comedy skit, eternal quest for being one with probiotic yoghurt, human carnivores on a steak stakeout, the cult of concentric circles, colorful lines at universal studios, a glimpse of a movie star, a load bearing planetarium, the metallic scream of the walt disney concert hall, twelve shades of never, pirates and fairies on the corner of hollywood and highland, a voodoo parlor next to a muffler shop, hungry microphones on a prowl, a feminine axe and a bottle of innocent flies, scorched mountains overlooking the malibu beaches, a bonsai crouching behind the buddhist temple in little tokyo, a rolling hangover at 4am, the ubiquitous presence of mexico, speedy cars...

Socio-economically, it comes down to about the same. Los Angeles is a desert of poverty generously dotted with oases of opulence, but if you tip it over on its side, it gets all intermingled in one giant lump kind of...well...LA.


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