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Jungle Book

Rainforest is a crate of contraband shoplifted straight from God's private garden. An amazing green splash on the wall of this planet. Although - now that I think of it - enmazing would probably be a better word for this tangle of vibrant, unquenchable, responsive and constantly bubbling biomass. Its twisted and intertwined labyrinth is an eternal tribute to turbulence sculpted out from a heap of breathing and growing vegetation.

They say that capitalism is like a jungle, but I am not so sure about that. With stronger and stronger doses of fiscal and monetary intervention all over the world, it does not look that way. Our markets are increasingly dependent on artificial injections of liquidity by central banks in the same way that drug addicts become dependent on their pushers. And that does not sound like the kind of capitalism Adam Smith dreamed about. The crony corporatism that seems to flourish around the globe these days is farther from jungle than most think. You don't create the natural growth of the rainforest by an edict of government.

Earlier this month I hiked through Costa Rican native forest and I thought about that analogy. But no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't buy it. Not even with a Groupon discount. Jungle has a completely different modus operandi than our global economy.

You never see any entity propping up dead trees and preventing the new saplings from assuming their place in the Sun. You don't see groups of bushes forming multinational cartels and attempting to suffocate other species. There is no governing authority here that would try to pick winners and losers in the competition of life. Plants do not use their living power to redistribute the natural flow of air and water. Trees do not speculate with their leaves. And no one is pouring insane amounts of nutrients into one place hoping to spur local biological expansion.

In plain English: jungle is not greedy. Jungle lives and lets live.



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