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Post details: James 4:6

James 4:6

Few days before Christmas, I needed to make a quick trip to the Tysons Mall. So I put my Kevlar Body Vest on and merged into the lava stream of mall bound vehicles. By the time I got to within a shooting distance, the traffic had thickened to the point where only one of those large scrap metal compactors could make it any denser. After twenty more minutes of vulture-like circling I found a parking spot that was just about to be vacated. I put my turn signal on and waited patiently for a young Mom to pull out. It was only when an unscrupulous jerk in a dark Toyota made a slick dive into that spot that I knew the holiday spirit was truly upon us. And I gladly dedicated 15 more minutes to finding another parking cubicle. Hallelujah!

It is a common knowledge that moles can consume more than half of their weight daily. As I was walking from my car to Macy's, I noticed a nice specimen of a Mall Mole, a critter of male gender carrying more than half of his weight in expensively packaged gifts. As he blithely unloaded them into the trunk of his Porsche, I pondered why it is that the birthday of arguably the biggest idealist of all time is turning into a poorly written Money Fest of Pompous Materialism. How about giving each other gifts on the New Year's Eve and celebrating Christmas by making personal resolutions. Wouldn't combing our inner selves be more in the spirit of the New Testament than outspending the Joneses?


The Mall itself was a pandemonium. I saw a spiffily dressed televangelist on a big flat TV screen yelling the message of love from a packed super mega-church somewhere in Ohio. I saw an obliging elderly lady elbowing her way through a crowd in a way that would make the World Wrestling Federation scouting veterans gasp in envy. I saw a young, very professional looking guy talk to a shop assistant with a condescension of a terminally blase British aristocrat. The little dork looked impeccable, but his icy cold manners could have single handedly reversed the global warming.

On my way home, I wondered if something got lost in translation. After all, Aramaic is not the easiest language to translate from.

God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.


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