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Post details: Interest Rate Haiku II.

Interest Rate Haiku II.

Over the past two years, as the economy wended its way out of the deep ditch, I kept following Michael Shedlock's financial blog Global Economic Analysis. Here is a summary of some of my mini-observations that I left in its comment section under the screen name interest_rate_haiku.


2009 feb 22 (on record bonuses for wall street)

do you hear that sound?
even with the farm ablaze
pigs are at their troughs

2009 mar 21 (on calls for going deeper into debt)

Enter Sir Falstaff
(wiping grease off his fat lips):
I want to eat more!

2009 apr 4 (on blame for the rising unemployment)

remove L from blush
unemployee of the month
smirking from his ranch

2009 apr 18 (on unrealistic revenue expectations)

financial pipe dreams
made in fiscal blindia
got harry potter?

2009 nov 3 (on the state of pension funds)

bottom may be in
at the pool of McPension
but water is gone

2009 dec 19 (on record snow storm)

the fed solution:
just calm down everybody
we will print more snow!

2010 jan 17 (on escalation of war in afganistan)

emperor's new change
now weaved in afghanistan
tailored on wall street

2010 mar 13 (on low approval ratings for congress)

bank of politics
now proudly introducing:
subprime honesty

2010 may 8 (on flash crash and trading algorithms)

dear wizards of oz
and high frequency traitors
i bid you farewell

2010 jun 5 (on G-20 discussing bailouts)

G-20 dress code:
pantyhose over the head
(do I see a run?)

2010 jul 25 (on Larry Summers)

if only he knew
how deadly summers can be
for a butterman

2010 aug 15 (on poor track record of leading indicators)

now, can we all read
misleading indictators
their miranda rights?

2010 sep 19 (on small businesses and corporations)

when big agra wins
who'll pollinate the orchard?
silence of the bees

2010 sep 25 (on pressing needs of the financial sector)

call me dracula
no coughing on my coffin
i got pressing needs

2010 nov 21 (on Irish taxpayers enslaved by foreign banks)

Bearded Leprechaun
(more sham than rock) waved his wand:
The Land of Lepers

2010 dec 10 (on rising bond prices)

why do things fall down?
stern agent of gravity
name is bond, james bond


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