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Post details: Weaving some magic

Weaving some magic

Two years ago I wrote a little text about the Cardinals in which I used the word "wainwrighting". I learned that word from my Scottish friend Arthur and since it is rather obscure I thought I would never see it again. Wrong. The Cardinals' regular closer Jason Isringhausen got injured and his place was taken by a guy named Adam Wainwright. That's magic.

But when it comes to pitching, I hope that this postseason's magic bearer will be Jeff Weaver. He has improved greatly from the hapless start in July and his Game 2 against Padres was as solid as the oak table in Walt Jocketty's office. So it is kind of befitting that it is he who is going to open the NLCS series against Mets.

In the meantime the Cards themselves seemed touched by a magic wand. After an unmemorable September, they quickly regrouped and by the time they were showing Padres the postseason door, they looked as sharp as in 2004. And getting better by the game.

And I have to admit that this season I actually weaved some magic myself. I put the Cards logo on my iChat icon in the office, I got a license plate with a cardinal (which by the stroke of luck is the state bird of Virginia) and on my TV set I placed a special good luck charm which I brought all the way from Prague. An item whose charming powers can be blocked off only by a concrete wall 16-inches thick and laced with Brad Lidge's cuff-links.

So I better see some magic brewing on the field as well, otherwise I am going to lose all my trust in the supernatural character of this Universe.


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