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Post details: Grievy at Grevey's

Grievy at Grevey's

I haven't seen my favorite baseball team St Louis Cardinals for quite a while, so on my way home today I stopped at Grevey's to watch their game against the struggling Chicago Cubs. I just wanted to check out our new pitching marvel Sidney Ponson in action, but was treated to a dramatic edge-of-a-barstool 14-inning extravaganza, which lacked only a happy end.

What I like about baseball is that you can see the crucial plays coming. In other sports there are pivotal moments too, of course, but they happen so fast they are over before they even register. In baseball you can slowly sip the anticipation.

My favorite such moment came in bottom of the 7th, when we were still down 1:2. The second Albert Pujols stepped to the plate with players at 2nd and 3rd I got this feeling that something is coming. Apparently Cubs' pitcher felt the same way for he decided to give Albert a walk. With bases loaded, Scott Rolen couldn't really pass up an opportunity to shine. Aramiz Ramirez at 3rd didn't quite reach the ball and Perez and Luna scored. When watching the replay, I realized again how finicky this game is. Had the ball flown just a few inches lower it would have been caught and the inning would have ended just as it started - at 1:2.

There were other gems in this game: Perez walked because he was hit in the helmet in what looked like a perfect soccer-like header, top of the 8th ended with a superbly executed double play, Miles' then made a sacrifice fly which gave Izzy an extra cushion, but it was all in vain. When the 9th came, Cubs still somehow managed to equalize.

Enter five extra innings. Five excruciating tops and bottoms when the outcome hung in the balance. But it wasn't meant to be. Despite having bases loaded in 10th and 12th, and needing just one good hit. Despite Pujols making two more appearances at bat. Despite Encarnacion running like a bull. It was Cubs who finally scored, and Cards couldn't find an ace in their hand. John Mabry, who only last season played on our side made a spectacular diving catch and it was all over. Loosing at 1:15am really hurts.

I only hope that Lady Luck opened her little Book of Debts on a page titled "St Louis Cardinals" and wrote an IOU there in big, red letters. We may need it later this season.


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