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Post details: Good Luck, Little Miss Sunshine

Good Luck, Little Miss Sunshine

Some movies are dazzling, and some are warm. Some will awe you with perfectly timed special effects, and some will simply touch you with their hand. Like Little Miss Sunshine.

It is one of those movies that make you feel like you are sitting by the window after a few days of hopelessly overcast sky and then all of a sudden you can sense the sun leaning against your sleeve. You can nearly tell the moment when it brushes its golden whiskers against you.

I almost forgot that movies can be well thought out. In the era when most comedies derive their giggles from cheap shots and crude behavior, it was a relief to be able to laugh at consequences of actions rather than actions themselves, and at circumstances that were unusual but not far-fetched. As if they were lifted off life itself using a thin film of a beauty mask. How else would you come up with the woefully honking car, with the motley crew of dysfunctional characters and with the myriad of delicate gags?

Still, I was pleasantly shocked when I spotted Little Miss on the nominee list for the Best Picture Award this year. Light Muses don't always get the recognition they deserve, although writing a funny script is just as difficult as writing a dramatic one. But comedies rarely make the cut. As if the mere presence of a pack of dark and unshaven characters staring at the grisly bottom of their existences made a movie more statuette worthy. It will be an uphill battle, but until Sunday evening, I am keeping my fingers Banbury Crossed, because a healthy doze of hearty laughter is just as redeeming as two hours of intense reflection.

So hop in that van Little Miss Sunshine and go for it. All the way to California


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