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Post details: George Bush in Prague

George Bush in Prague

Shortly after I landed in Prague for my semiannual visit, George Bush followed the suit. Stalker!

Last time he was in Prague was in 2002, so his visit caused quite a bit of hoopla. Beefed up security forces inundated the city, their hackles raised and their steel eyes scowling suspiciously at everything from loose cobblestones to highfalutin summer clouds. But the high alert was well warranted. Antiglobalizators and left-wing elements were out in full force, waving their Cold War mind sets and the nostalgia for the old times right under the American president's nose. Seeing the red communist flags with hammers and sickles parading through the city was a bit scary. I haven't seen a sight like that for more than 15 years and I hope I won't see it again for at least that long. Communism is usually hazardous to your economy.

But Bush's visit had also comical aspects. During a personal meeting, Vlasta Parkanova, the Czech Defense Secretary, gave the Prez a small package with a CD inside it. You'd think the CD contained some highly classified information about the location of prime Al-Quaeda operatives. But you'd be wrong. The CD contained a song, in which Mrs. Parkanova, in her own voice, expressed her support for the American plans to install an anti-missile radar on the Czech territory. The lyrics to the song was written by her friend, country-singer Jan Vycital, who probably scribbled it on a beer coaster in one of Prague's numerous pubs. The music, paradoxically, came from an old tune named "Good day, major Gagarin", with which the Marxist bootlickers once welcomed the achievement of Soviet space science. The author of the music was so ashamed of its use as a red propaganda that he publicly renounced any authorship rights, so the chipper melody could squirm itself into George Bush's private CD collection without any copyright issues. This kind of thing can happen only in the country of Jara Cimrman.

Since Bush stalked me to Prague, I decided to stalk him right back. I recruited a friend of mine and we spent most of Tuesday roaming the city, hoping to bump into the presidential cavalcade. Its whereabouts were held secret, of course, but we thought the choices were limited and we got them covered: the Prague Castle, the Radio Free Europe building, the US Embassy, KFC. I am sure he visited them all at some point - but our timing was off. Although we saw hordes of anti-Bush guerillas, there were no signs of the presidential caravan itself. Around 3 p.m. we gave up.

Shortly after that I was sitting on a bus, heading for my hometown, about 70 miles east. The bus was suddenly stopped by police and I noticed that we had to give the right of way to a large caravan of black limousines. Yes, those kinds of limousines. Through the busy intersection near the central bus terminal, not more than 20 yards ahead of us, the President of the United States was being chauffeured to the Prague Airport in his bulletproof armored vehicle.

This only goes to show that God eventually grants you all your wishes - but He does so on His own terms.


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