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Banbury Cross

a pillow for lost thoughts...

Post details: Genesis



stuck in a creaky elevator for eternity
some five thousand floors below the ground
devil in a gray sheen suit leaned smoothly over
and stuck its forked tongue in angel's ear
tiny watery peas came rolling down her cheeks
she bit her rosy lips in blinded determination
her fingers squeezed dried flowers in her pocket
while a pair of well hidden ceiling speakers
kept softly crooning: happy birthday to you

tears in bloom
fine feathered tomb

unprepared dish
wishes and fish

now rolling the dice
don't close your eyes

on the ninth floor an iron foot kicked the door open
six billion polished ping pong balls poured into the vestibule
their optical syncopation flickering on gilded walls
six billion tap dancing judges, no longer an empty court
a gallop of major chords parted their cascading swarm
to make way for a dark bearded man with massive veins
riding a prancing eraser down the marble staircase of memory
look - he's got a shiny brass trombone at his mouth
and frazzled angel with downy wings clinging to his back



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