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Post details: Flowers on the Edge

Flowers on the Edge

Best flowers are always found on the edge.

Imagine a pasture leading to a steep cliff overlooking the sea. If you want to find some interesting flora, you better get closer to the edge, because all the flowers wallowing in the middle of the meadow were plucked by hordes of romantics, herb witches, gardeners, poets and other flower hunters. But if you approach the brim of the pasture and face the cliffs, you can find all sorts of colorful blooming jewels that nobody dared to pick.

You can find them in arts too. ABBA once wrote a song named "Me and I", which almost all my friends branded as cheesy and disco-trashy. But I think it was just a flower on the edge, in this case on the edge of good taste. Perched on its breezy balcony, it danced alongside the ridge like a mischievous prima ballerina, teasing, feigning, but never slipping into the abyss of gaudy. And never even thinking about it. A precious flower which, strangely, never made it into any of the "Best Of Abba" collections. On the other hand, when I saw the movie Borat recently, I laughed pretty hard in places, for the movie was edgy indeed. But it faltered several times and instead of coming back with a handful of flowers, it ended up lying underneath the cliff with a broken leg.

As life likes to imitate art, we face the same dilemma every day: safety or beauty? In life you better be a bit more careful when you get closer to the edge though, for if you misstep, you may end up in a hospital, prison or a lunatic asylum. But when you do get to the edge, slow down and take a good look around you. You won't see flowers like that anywhere else.



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