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Post details: Fjell, Foss og Fjord

Fjell, Foss og Fjord

In English, being the F-word carries a definite stigma of a social outcast: you get bleeped out a lot, no loitering around schools and forget ever dining in a nice restaurant. Norwegian, on the other hand, cherishes its short F-words dearly, because they stand for the staples of the country's natural charm - the mountains (fjell), the waterfalls (foss) and the fjords.

Fjords are long and narrow sea inlets, often stretching deep into the interior, like a giant tug-of-war between ocean and land, with glaciers playing the part of a rope. You can feel the tension between the two elements. Here, the ocean and the mountains have a staring contest - two ogres breathing slowly before the final battle. And if you like mountains and waterfalls too, then you can think of Norway as one wall-to-wall Disneyland for all your scenic needs.

But we live in an era of one stop shopping experience, so let me make a recommendation which can save you a lot of driving - the Geirangerfjord. Surrounded by mountains climbing up to 5,000 feet, it offers variety of waterfalls and mountain sides so steep that one farm perching on a rock over the fjord has a ladder as the only access route to it. There is no road alongside the fjord, so you will have to take a ferry from Hellesylt to Geiranger, but it will be worth every penny (or in this case every øre).

In Norway, you cannot say that you have experienced the words which begin with an F until you have taken a boat ride through the fjord which begins with a G.



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