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Post details: First Things First

First Things First

For this year's Christmas charity, I chose the Nature Conservancy ( or 800-628-6860). Not that I think that cancer research labs should be wrapped in the Mission Accomplished banner or that children of Ethiopia have way too many proteins in their little coconut half-shells. But I think that the problems of hunger and cancer are self-inflicted and secondary in a way: we have pushed our life expectancy into the range for which our bodies were not designed and we multiply excessively in regions where food supply simply doesn't sustain such high rates of procreation. However, if we fail to give Mother Nature a little breathing room, we may wreak a serious havoc on the whole ecosystem. Think way beyond an extinction of porcupines. Think what happens when you mistakenly erase your whole hard drive, except this time there won't be any scuzzy drive to backup from.

Like a smoker who pollutes his lungs, we are so hooked on our drug of comfort and consumption that we do not see the Grim Reaper vigorously whetting his power tool scythe. With each acre of rainforest gone, we not only lose our oxygen factory but we also lose precious organic compounds that took nature millions of years to synthesize and deposit in flora and fauna. A startling piece of trivia: over the past 50 years, the bee population was reduced to half. So when the last bee draws its last buzz, are we going to rush into the fields with little brushes and do the pollination ourselves?

I am not sure whether we fully realize it, but this planet is all we've got. If we let it die from heat stroke or second hand smoke, there will be no second chances. And there will be no one left to worry about cancer and the children of Ethiopia.

The fellow species clearly need a dose of our financial wherewithal: beavers' dental appointments are long overdue, grizzly bears are grumbling about their dingy fur coats, kangaroos are eyeing new jump suits, carnivorous plants could use some mascara, ants have long been planning to redecorate their anthills, orchids are dreaming about Victoria's Secret and did you know that there are at least 150,000 penguins who haven't seen Happy Feet yet?

So there!



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