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Post details: Emperor's New Jeans

Emperor's New Jeans

I often wonder what happens when you put new clothes on an old body. What if "North by Northwest" was remade by Quentin Tarantino? What if medieval castles were furnished with a little help from IKEA? What if Anne Boleyn with modern coiffure slipped into a pair of knee-high boots and a leather jacket? What if Starbucks started dispensing its Braino Draino in tiny porcelain cups?

Yesterday, I went to a concert of a band named "Cechomor" that tries to put a fitting rock costume on a centuries old body of Czech Folklore Music. Judging by their efforts in the park surrounding the Czech Embassy, their experiment became a resounding success, spearheaded by the sonorous voices singing in harmony with the rustic Moravian grit and by the violin playing ferociously two strings at a time, here and there teased with the sound of bagpipes. They all combined well with the raw lyrics celebrating raw beauty life and the drummer's unrelenting rhythm, which made you feel like you are on an express train from Prague to Olomouc.

And so I sat there and let myself drown in a music that had the electric jive of modern rock, yet originated in times when the Czech lands where ruled by Austro-Hungarian emperors from Vienna. In times when deep woods were roamed by knights and peasants, and local creeks were fringed with women scrubbing their clothes on primitive washboards.

And when I closed my eyes, I could see a dirt road winding among pastures and fields, circling around rolling hills covered with trees. And I could hear a violoncello making furrows in the air like a ploughman walking slowly behind his till. And I could smell freshly turned Earth breathing out the fertile Moravian harmonies.



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