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Post details: Dulles International Airsport

Dulles International Airsport

I am not very fond of jogging at airports. The fashion industry doesn't really design jackets with aerodynamics on their mind, baggage can be a drag on your style and the fellow travellers are not usually cheering as heartily as they would at the track-and-field stadium. But after I had the opportunity to run twice on my business trip to Boston I started thinking that track-and-field repertoire should include disciplines such as orienteering from terminal A to terminal B or sprinting through the concourse with a 25lbs carry-on.

First, just as I approached the check-in counter I realized that a couple of important papers got stranded in my car. After a brief consultation with my colleague, I decided to return to the level 1L of the daily parking garage with about 70 minutes left till departure. Gently trotting all the way back, the walkway regurgitated me onto level 3 from which I descended to level 1 only to find that this level is divided and I was clearly in the wrong section. After some creative backtracking I found the appropriate section, my car in it, and the papers in the car. As I started to hurry back, I hoped that God would send a bus. Or at least pause the time. Kind of like chess players do when they hit the clock and the opponent's time start running. And I distinctly felt that this was God's turn to make a move. But I was wrong and when I made it back to the terminal I was wishing that the metal detectors came equipped with a built in shower. Fortunately our flight was late, so my athletic interlude was easily absorbed in the greater scheme of things.

The second opportunity for exercise came about an hour later, when me and my colleague were filling our tanks with Heineken at a small pub just a few yards from the gate - which we carefully checked before we took our seats. However, we had grossly underestimated the bending effect beer has on the perception of time passage. The infamous Heineken Warp! When we realized that our departure time is just minutes away, we dashed on to the nearby gate only to learn that in the meantime our flight was moved to a different terminal and we had about 2 minutes to get there. Yahoo! Back onto the treadmill, this time at twice the speed and accompanied by my colleague. Yet again the day was saved by the United Airlines laxness. The flight was delayed 20 more minutes.

But next time I am flying from Dulles, I am definitely bringing my running shoes.



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