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Post details: Disposable car

Disposable car

Every now and then, whether I like it or not, my car needs an oil change. Today, just as I realized that it is that time of three months or 3,000 miles (whichever comes sooner), I found an official business-looking letter in my mail. It came from a local Honda dealer where I usually drive my car when it needs to take a leak. They are informing me that recently a need for several 2003 Civics arose and that they'd be happy to give me a fair value on my car should I decide to procure any of the newer vehicles garnishing their parking lot.

Well, I didn't quite fall for it, but it did make me think about it. After all, I will have to drive there anyway. So I'd just give them my old car with an old oil and they'd give me a new car with a new oil.

Kind of like disposable cameras. No need to change the film. Once you shoot all your pictures, you surrender your camera to your Kodak dealer and buy a new one. Same with cars.

I am just not sure whether the world is ready for this revolutionary idea.


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