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Post details: Executioner's Song

Executioner's Song

One thing puzzles me about the capital punishment. Why is it the governor who has the right to stay the executioner's hand?

He has usually very little technical knowledge of the case and zero emotional involvement. I think it would be fairer if it were the closest relatives who would have the right to grant clemency. After a trial and a sentencing, the next of kin would convene and decide if the sentence can be commuted to a prison term.

Because, frankly, if a mother of a victim, or a brother or a spouse can find it in their heart to forgive, than no government in the world should have the right to execute the perpetrator.

Grim Reaper's business is always very personal. And declaring a war by a parliament should be viewed from the same vantage point. Such an act should always be automatically linked with a draft proposal. Because, frankly, no cause is worthy of a war, if people declaring it are unwilling to send their own sons and daughters to the front lines to defend it.


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