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Post details: Social Insecurity Number

Social Insecurity Number

People (much like crustaceans) leave their shells only when they perceive there is no danger. That is why they may seem shy or even stand-offish at first, but all they really do is reconnoitre the terrain.

Obviously, the speed with which people can convince themselves that they are safe varies. It all depends on how quickly they can establish the sufficient level of comfort. Some people judge character quickly, and they can open up relatively soon - as they get comfortable faster. For some, it takes much longer time to get to know you. They prefer a baby step approach. A sudden gesture - and they run away, sometimes for ever.

It is like when you get stranded on a deserted island. If you have eyes to see, you need just a few days to get familiar with your surroundings. If you are blind though, it may take you a few weeks. Slowly, gesture by gesture, smile by smile, response by response you feel your way around the unknown social territory.

But even people who are socially blind (or gravely short-sighted) will eventually get to know their island. It will just take them a bit longer, for they are using different sets of senses.


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