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Cruise Control

Cruise ship is a very interesting ecosystem. From a distance, it looks like a huge mixing bowl of raw human dough, where you may find random selections of people at any given place at any given time. But when you look closer, you will realize that different strata of this biosphere have their own groups of endemic species, much like tropical jungles do. If you start frequenting specific places, you will indeed see similar sets of faces every day. Different critters inhabit the ground levels, swarming through an underbrush, different critters swing from a trunk to a trunk on long vines and lianas, and different critters occupy the cruise liner's lofty canopy. Each and every nook and cranny will eventually be found by some life forms and made home to them.

If I was a zoologist, I'd spend hours roaming the decks and recording their curious indigenous fauna. The teenagers gathering around the hot pools, the gym crowd strutting on an oval walking track around the fitness center, the mature ladies tempting their luck in the casino, cigar puffing gentlemen pretending to appreciate the live piano music at the Safari club, the gangs of little kids on a basketball court, the couples and pairs enjoying the daily productions at the theater, the young and restless crowd gathering in the Vortex nightclub, and last but not least, the ubiquitous drunks converging methodically to ship's numerous bars.

Speaking of intemperance: cruise ships can really be thought as large and very realistic simulators of drunkenness sans the annoying hangovers. What with the hull swaying incessantly from one wave to another, anytime you go somewhere - and it is especially true for the long and narrow corridors - you get nearly palpable feeling of being completely drunk, except that you are completely sober, so you can actually enjoy and appreciate this fluid sense of disorientation. At first, it feels rather unusual, but eventually you get used to it and your body develops a completely new framework for walking. A little skill that I like to call the Cruise Control.


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