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Post details: Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit

The weekend before Christmas turned the Washington DC area into a Colony of the Snow Queen. Billions of tiny white soldiers parachuted down and took our land. After a record breaking winter storm blanketed the ground with 18-24 inches of the finest down, the whole town skidded to a complete standstill. Shops closed down, colors took a day off and cross country skiing became the favorite mode of transportation.

Along with the snowfall, two feet of Christmas spirit descended from heaven. When I dared to stick my nose out and walk over to the parking lot to bail out my car from an igloo jail, I noticed that the snow storm had one interesting side effect. It turned strangers into neighbors. The fury of elements brought people closer together than any non-profit charity ever could. Many offered their snow shovels to unprepared neighbors. Others offered their brawn and muscle to the weak and elderly. Advice was freely available on the street. People who barely knew each other swapped cordially their winter nightmare stories.

The sense of togetherness was palpable. It set up a very appropriate celebration of the great tidings that befell this planet some two thousand years ago. Certainly more in style than the annual elbow storm at an electronics superstore near you on Black Friday. And much healthier than stuffing your tormented intestines to the hilt with Christmas cookies and vats of potato salad.

When the residents liberated their gasoline powered metal sleds from wintry imprisonment and retired back to their warm dens, the setting sun skated around the deserted street and undoubtedly wondered: Wouldn't it be cool to blanket this Earth with a huge snowstorm before every Christmas, so that those little semi-intelligent bipeds could experience a true atmosphere of camaraderie. At least once a year.



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