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Post details: Marveling at Cape Canaveral

Marveling at Cape Canaveral

Gemini was a bridge project between Mercury and Apollo and its objective was to map out the dangers and problems of an extended stay in space. The space race has barely started and every experience gathered along the way could have proved essential for the final push.

Last week, I saw the actual space capsule of the project in the space museum at Cape Canaveral and was amazed at the simplicity and almost fragility of the whole contraption. Compared to the electronic sophistication of today's gadgets, the spacecraft reminded me of old Russian trucks I used to ride in the military service back in Czechoslovakia. It seemed incredibly plain and precarious and yet eventually carried 16 men successfully to the orbit.

Standing face to face with this metallic monument I had to admire the prowess of early astronauts who took such risks in 1960s to get the Moon program started. We knew next to nothing about the space, our computers were overheating underperformers compared with modern day cell phones and the boosters were relatively feeble - but still these heroes climbed the tight quarters and assumed the sardine position to further our understanding of navigating the outer space. Crammed in this ramshackle barrel, they started the slow and painful trek which will eventually allow us to leave our planet and colonize the Solar system.

And that first step is always the most important one.



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