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Post details: Bubbles of ProtoCola

Bubbles of ProtoCola

There are two ways to navigate through life: protocol or compass.

Either you know a fixed set of rules that tell you what to do in model situations or you have a sense of what is good and what is bad and in every situation you try to follow the direction of good. I prefer the latter for I see at least two problems with the protocol.

First, life in its amazing variety often throws you a curve ball, a situation which is not covered by any of the rules of your playbook. So you may easily get stranded in an uncharted territory with no sense of direction. Second, when people with different protocols clash, they may find it difficult to cope with the situation at hand. Many people would rather abort communication than talk if they perceive that their protocol is not being followed. Compass is much more flexible, because the concept of good and bad is more universal. And whether you get that concept from God, from your Grandma or from reading Kant is really of no consequence.

Plus, if you go by the compass, you often find rich and deeply human situations that are way out of reach of any protocol. The back alleys of compassion. Hidden places that only Moon knows about.



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