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Post details: Mind your body

Mind your body

A friend of mine decided to introduce me to her new beau. For the venue, she chose the widely publicized yet highly controversial exposition named "Bodies" - a ringside seat to the actual human body, cut by a team of dedicated professionals at every imaginable angle and displayed in a mind boggling detail. I thought she had made this choice for a reason - it must have been a subtle hint to dissect her suitor's mind in a similarly methodical manner. After all, when it comes to men, second opinion comes always handy, especially when you've already had some exposure to bad apples. So as we were walking past the dismantled components of the human anatomy, I was kicking his mental tires, trying to look for any signs of ulcers, tumors, fractures and undue wobbling.

The exhibition itself was definitely not for the faint of the heart - or any other organ for that matter. But if you are more curious than squeamish, go for it - you will be amazed at how our plumbing and wiring really looks like. Alveoli. United Muscles of Mastication. Inner ear. Kidneys. Spine. All in plain sight and in authentic rendering. My favorite object was the complex and intricate network of arteries of lower limb. A standalone maze of its own, which was masterfully recreated by injecting blood vessels with some kind of colored polymer and then having the remaining tissues dissolved. There was also a very instructional view of two pairs of lungs, side by side: one that belonged to a smoker and one to a non-smoker. The difference was sobering. Layers of tar build-up were so permeating that many a puff buff wasted little time and tossed their cigarette pack into a conveniently located glass container.

The exhibit devotes a significant space to each major system - digestive, respiratory, nervous, reproductive, you name it - but it also shows how neatly they all fit together. And that is the most lasting impression of the whole show. Human body is but a large puzzle.

And so is human mind.



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