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Post details: Bearfall


Dreams are strange creatures. Clouds passing across the sleepy sky like unwanted children of our imagination. Elusive wisps balancing on the chancy edge of sleep. Phantom memories being vigorously erased by the consciousness the moment we wake up.

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to wake up in a dream, and be aware that I am in a dream. What a bonanza that would be. No longer bound by laws of physics. No longer bound by social conventions. Perfectly free to ransack toy-stores or spend a whole afternoon on a secret mission in a candy store. Free to toss watermelons from balconies, spit into unattended beer pitchers and engage in other arrest worthy activities.

But not only am I never aware of it when I am in a dream, somehow my dreams lack the vividness that would even make me want to be in them in the first place. You know the flying elephants kind of dreams. The phantasmagorical fantasies famous artists and other celebrities sometimes elude to when they name their sources. I don't know. Maybe I am not smoking the right stuff before I go to bed.

I usually dream of missed airplanes, of events in the office, of prospective dates, of meeting an old classmate. Nothing out of the ordinary. Up until yesterday.

I woke up with a memory of a dream so strange that I had to write it down on a piece of paper on my bed table. The curse of dull dreams had finally been lifted. I do not remember all the details, but one image survived the onslaught of consciousness. I was standing at the edge of something that looked like a regular waterfall, except the river bed wasn't filled with water - instead the stream was brimming with scores of rolling bears. Yep, tons of brown grumbling furballs, tumbling on to the very edge, and then falling down into a dark and misty abyss whose depth was well beyond the resolution of the cerebral unit responsible for my dream processing.

A bearfall. Fancy that. A genuine bearfall. Finally, a dream I can proudly remember. A dream that was truly extravagant, if a bit overbearing. A dream I would actually love to be in and at the same time be aware of it.

Not necessarily as a bear though.



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