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Post details: Badlands


What do you get when you cross prairie, mountains and desert?

You get Badlands.

The spellbinding national park about 100 miles east of Rapid City in South Dakota. The giant clay workshop where Mother Earth discovered her artistic self. As you drive along the bizarrely shaped mounds planted randomly between tufts of dried grassland, you cannot help imagining the hand of an invisible sculptor at work here. And a painter as well. Just stop at the Yellow Mounds Overlook and you will be dazzled by layers of gold dust with reddish metallic overtones scattered all over the neighboring hills. This is the land where geography puts on the Halloween mask.

And there is no shortage of costumes to choose from. You can try a cloak of slowly undulating hills, rows of soft sedimentary rocks eroded to aesthetic perfection, long stretches of parched mountainous desert not unlike the one you can find in Oman or surreal bluffs sticking their tongues deep into the prairie. All concatenated into a seamless natural epic punctuated by dashes of sharp ravines.

Badlands are the place where Mother Earth broke out with goose bumps of excitement. And if you catch them under the setting Sun, your visual cortex may get some too.



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