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Post details: Apple Snatcher

Apple Snatcher

We, mathematicians, can be pretty dangerous grocery shoppers.

Every Saturday, I take a trip to a local Giant food store to replenish my stock of consumables. On most days, I just grab a cart and pretty efficiently run through the gamut of aisles, having long memorized all the requisite stops. But this time I wanted to get a Mango Tea, so I parked my cart at the entrance of the tea/coffee section and went on a prowl. I found my tea pretty quickly, tossed it in the cart and rode off into the Sun-Dried Tomatoes Land.

I also wanted something sweet, so for a while I was criss-crossing the store in the hope of finding something outrageously delectable. I passed many shelves filled with food items that I have never seen, some with a lot of nutritional value, some with less so, and some without it altogether. I would classify many of the finds as barely edible. In fact, I'd be better off quenching my hunger by xeroxing pancakes than gorging on some of the articles I saw on display in the canned meat department.

Anyway, at the end of my exploratory voyage I ended up getting some kind of syrupized strawberries that looked both sweet and healthy. I was about to place a jar of them into the cart when I noticed a very strange thing. My cheeses and nuts and yoghurts were all gone and the only object lying at the bottom of my cart was a large sack of apples. I have nothing against apples, but I remember distinctly that this particular weekend I didn't need any. Consequently, I didn't buy any. Apparently, as I was searching for the Mango Tea, I must have abandoned my cart and snatched mistakenly someone else's upon return.

Ridden with guilt, I dashed back through the store into the tea aisle and found that my cart was still there - unattended. There were only two people in the whole aisle: a guy seemingly distraught by the baffling variety of coffee brands and some teenage girl with a hairdo so eccentric that I was tempted to ask whether she made it herself while watching the final stages of the American Idol. Both of them had their own cart, so there was no point trying to apologize to them. I parked the apple sack inconspicuously next to my old cart, placed my hands slowly on its bar and drove it away. Silently. Although I did consider whistling.

The gentleman didn't notice me, but the girl was clearly amused by my swapping maneuver. I am sure by this time she's told all her friends to be careful at Giant Foods. An apple snatcher is on the loose.


Comment from: Bella [Visitor]
Critizing someones hair! huh
Permalink 12/10/08 @ 10:37

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