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Post details: ...and AL won again (sigh)

...and AL won again (sigh)

To all my friends that hate baseball: it is NOT a sport. Get over it. Nor is it an application of psychology to ballistics, a more athletic version of chess, a staring contest, a retirement home for statisticians, a figurespitting championship or just bunch of guys diving in circles. It is simply a baseball. A universe of its own.

Nine innings of one set of special skills pitted against another one in a sequence of man-to-man battles. Or if you are a soccer fan - you can think of it as an infinite series of penalty kicks. Mano a mano. A series where you can be one out away from victory and yet have it snatched away from you by a lucky shot, just like the NL did yesterday. But what I love most about it - it is a game riddled with superstitions and magic.

Now that the season is at its midpoint, I have to share one peculiar piece of coincidence that relates to my favorite baseball team, the St Louis Cardinals. I went to visit the Czech Republic between June 20th and July 5th. As I left, the Red Birds where comfortably perched at the top of their division, with the winning percentage just over 0.6, which means that they won roughly 60% of their games and lost the remaining 40%. But the moment I abandoned this continent, they went into a jumbo slump and by the time I came back, they were 3-12 for the duration of my absence. That is 20% of victories and 80% of losses.

Since I got back they are 3-1, almost as if some kind of curse has just been lifted. And to make it even sweeter, that balance was earned against Astros on their own Astroturf. Splendid.

So to all my friends that hate baseball: choose a team and start bewitching.


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