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Post details: The Colors Return

The Colors Return

In the middle of April, the public parks feel as if they were dragged through an intense session of Photoshop. The tulips and buttercups, cinquefoil, anemones, bellworts, dandelions, violets and lilies come out in force. After the black and white doldrums of winter, that's tantamount to a Technicolor onslaught on our cone cells. Even trees with their glistening new foliage show us that there are more shades of green that we could ever come up with a name for. They all look like majestic hot air balloons that would float away had they not be moored by their trunks.

It is amazing what difference colors can make. And not only in nature. Sometimes I think our public and private lives would benefit on so many levels if we let colors into them. Often in ways you would not expect.

Consider for instance the thorny subject of race. How much damage has been done by labeling races as black and white? As if this nomenclature was conceived in times when "I Love Lucy" ruled over TV airwaves. But in reality the black people are not really black, at least not in the sense of RGB code "000000". And the white people are not even close to white. That is unless they were recently exposed to a ghost, a dentist or a spider with really poor leg shaving habits.

I think many racial tensions would immediately dissolve if the true colors were revealed and we acknowledged that black people are in fact brown and the white people are - hmmmm, let's see - I would say sort of light orange. Now consider this: what kind of narrow minded, bigoted racist in his right mind would want to join a Light Orange Supremacist Group.


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