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Post details: American Idol for President

American Idol for President

Excitement never ends. Just as one media circus approaches its grand finale, another one is slowly kicking into higher gear. American Idol 2007 is in its final rounds, while the presidential election 2008 is like a tea water just before it starts bubbling.

I realized the other day that the format of American Idol's is surprisingly well suited for weeding out the overgrown field of presidential candidates (btw, methinks that in this word, the prefix "candid" is just a very wishful thinking). Instead of deploying the usual arsenal of a conventional campaign, such as mudslinging, backbiting and wasting taxpayer's money, why don't we send the candidates through the filter of an Idol-like competition. All the presidential hopefuls would enter a series of thematic discussions and at the end of each round the audience would eliminate the worst performer. Of course, the rounds wouldn't be dedicated to BeeGees, rock'n'roll or country, but rather to international law, fiscal policies and taxes. Trying to pinpoint the winner is quite difficult, so why don't we simply eliminate one loser at a time.

And I'd include a round of singing too. Or some sort of a talent competition - just to winnow away the starched ironing boards. Because, and that's just my empirical observation, people who cannot relax and, every now and then, actually laugh at themselves are more prone to bad decision making than the looser crowd. I think it is because stiff behavior usually implies stiff reasoning, and in today's complex world, I would rather have a leader with fluid mind.

Last but not least, consider the financial benefits - no expensive campaigns, no platitude stuffed ads, no shady money from dubious entrepreneurs. Just couple of months of quality prime time TV and the new President would be born. And for all the saved tax dollars we could build something really useful - like a giant man-made white sand beach in North Dakota.


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