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Post details: Almost There

Almost There

I like the end of February.

On the surface, the winter still maintains a stranglehold on nature. Its chilly trappings are strewn all over the land - snow covers much of the ground, roofs are adorned with frosty icicles, trees show no sign of budding foliage and barely a tweet is heard in the fields (except possibly from @birds). Hibernation is the prevailing way of life. But if you pay attention you will notice subtle harbingers of change. Although the temperatures are still nominally low, the sun rays are growing stronger by the day, which in turn is becoming perceptibly longer; an increasing number of daredevils will leave their coats at home and some mornings your nose may even catch that Earthy whiff of a waking soil.

Somewhere up there in the heavenly projection room, an operator is about to swap reels and switch from a silent black and white movie to a musical vaudeville rendered in full technicolor. In other words, the Spring is just behind the corner, ready to be delivered on a magical conveyor belt of time. And that is precisely the part of the year which I appreciate immensely. That "almost there" moment. That brief spell just before something splendid arrives. That magical instant when the cake you are about to eat is still intact, but you can already smell its tickling aroma.

I think that is also why my favorite weekday is Thursday. The sense of the imminent weekend is nearly palpable, but its wholeness has not yet been compromised. It gleefully beckons from its Friday gift wrap and you can revel in its untaintable glory all you want. The anticipation of pleasant things to come is often as enjoyable as the things themselves and that is what gives the month of February its poetic edge.

It is like bursting into the homestretch of a long race with a sizable lead. Now the victory is all but guaranteed, coming your way fast and you can clearly see it and wave back at it. You can savor the final phase in a way which was unimaginable just a few laps back when you could barely catch your breath and all your opponents seemed stepping on your heels. Now you can bask in the forward glow of the celebration without (yet) losing any precious second of it.

All that is left to do is stand up on an imaginary bridge and let the flow of time lay the goodies squarely at your feet. Like a good river, February is always there ready to usher in the most inspiring part of the year.



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