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Post details: Nice noise

Nice noise

Silence and Noise shared an apartment. Noise was very helpful around the house and did his best to be a good roommate. He drilled the holes for the bookshelves, he cut the wood logs with a chain saw and he sang country songs while washing the dishes. Silence grew restless at his acoustic output and after few months of uneasy cohabitation, she decided to leave. She packed her few belongings into a small handbag and entered the living room where Noise was watching the Airplanes Take-Off Special on a large plasma TV screen. "I cannot live with you any more", said Silence. Noise didn't seem to comprehend. His robust face was wrinkled with thinking, "I am sure we can work it out. I would like for us to get along..." Silence stopped him with an instinctive motion of her palm: "No, we can't." Noise started pouting his lips in disbelief. "But I don't understand." Silence sighed. "I know - you never do". Then she placed her keys on a glass coffee table and left.

Without slamming the door.



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