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Banbury Cross

a pillow for lost thoughts...

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In response to: Arizona Wave

Ellen [Visitor]
Wow, Honza you are an amazing writer and visualist. And to think you aren't even writing in your native language. Can just imagine how you'd write in Czech.

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In response to: Marta Kubisova in Washington

Stoney Bird [Visitor]
Thanks, I did find the text, although the English seems a little awkward.

Is the score available somewhere? What I'd like to do is reframe the text into idiomatic English that fits the music. The new translation would have to retain its core sense, of course.

The difficulty is that I know nothing of Czech! I would be making the new "translation" based on the existing translation. Perhaps there is someone who could check what I had done against the original?
Permalink 03/21/13 @ 13:10

In response to: The White Sands

kathy S. [Visitor]
White Sands is beautiful--looks like coconut cream pie!!

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In response to: Nature's Way

fran [Visitor]
Dear Honza:

I feel unworthy....will speak with you later about your thoughts and writings. This note is to let you know that I got on while I have a couple minutes at the libarary.


PS Sorry I do not use the above email address, but your site requires one.
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In response to: Another Secret Garden

Gloria Seelman [Visitor]
In the summer you can take a paddle boat ride and watch the swans glide by two by two with the life mate.
You can hear the laughter of small children running on the path around the lake and the quite steps of others strolling hand and hand with the soft breeze upon their faces. It is a space for people to commune with nature and find a sense of peace that refreshes the soul.
Permalink 09/25/11 @ 09:29

In response to: Three Elephants in the Situation Room

Mary [Visitor]
Very good line

"we'll soon end up being the world's largest banana republic, and those - as is widely known - have much better track record generating bananas than generating jobs."
Permalink 08/07/11 @ 22:09

In response to: Purr of the Moment

Quixotic [Visitor]
Very poetic.
Permalink 04/11/11 @ 13:24

In response to: California Peach

bonmiracle [Visitor]
Wickedly funny....I hate those stacks of magazines.
Permalink 04/10/11 @ 22:19

In response to: Tahrir Square Avalanche

Sununta [Visitor]
Would that your prophecy come to pass.

Permalink 02/23/11 @ 15:57

In response to: Point of view

MJ [Visitor]
There may not be much 'new under the sun'- one of your secret wishes has already been fulfilled: Rebecca Horn's upside down piano in Concert for Anarchy in the Tate Collection, but the exquisite expression of your perceptive, innovative insights is a rare gift, not only for you, but especially for those of us fortunate to be your beneficiaries.
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In response to: A Case for Hibernation

MJ [Visitor]
Art's response to your aversion to seasonal unpredictable environmental exigencies, and a preference to hibernate rather than endure them, was Gauguin who fled the dreary demands of conventional life and traditional roles for reliable quotidian meteorological conditions and existential freedom. (remainder to follow in separate transmission)

Permalink 12/21/10 @ 11:56

In response to: Marta Kubisova in Washington

honza [Member]
Just google: Kubisova "Let peace continue with this country"

Permalink 12/14/10 @ 22:40

In response to: Marta Kubisova in Washington

Stonewall Bird [Visitor]
I would very much like to obtain the text of "A Prayer for Marta" in English. Do you know where I could find it?
Permalink 12/14/10 @ 10:44

In response to: The Audacity of Betrayal

Mary [Visitor]
All posts beautifully done and thoughtfully written.
Permalink 11/30/10 @ 01:24

In response to: Person of the Year

a friend [Visitor]
Nicely done, Honza
Permalink 10/05/10 @ 21:57

In response to: Miss Management

Audrey [Visitor]
Your exactly right. One of the hardest jobs of being a boss is getting people to work. They always seem to put the wrong people in charge and with a little power its my way or the highway.
Permalink 09/04/10 @ 12:18

In response to: Mexican Hat Dance

Celia [Visitor]
Funny! You actually loved it!
How about a tango, now?
Permalink 08/03/10 @ 00:04

In response to: Tis the season

Sheryl [Visitor]
Go shopping with me will have another experience to write about
Permalink 02/17/10 @ 02:31

In response to: Scarborough Fair

Audrey [Visitor]
You just reminded me of my mothers old shredded cigarette case that she used as an eyeglass case.
Permalink 02/15/10 @ 14:36

In response to: Bangalore to Washington

Audrey [Visitor]
Permalink 11/15/09 @ 08:40

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