Welcome to Absurdistan's most popular place THE ADULT AREA 51 in New Yarka Metelka. Please, leave your clothes in the coatroom and don't scream. People are working around here.

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The picture you are just incredulously watching is the famous "breast detail", featuring a piece of skin of the exotic dancer Melissa Warbyd, situated about an inch and a half under the nipple of her right breast. The photograph shows an area of about 0.0013x0.0007mm and as such is the most detailed erotic picture in the world. The unusual smoothness of the skin at such magnification is caused by a wrong choice of the focusing distance and by equally wrong developing techniques. Nevertheless, the original of this picture was sold for 250,000 AF and is still one of the most expensive pictures ever shot in Absurdistan.

And here comes a real treat for erotica afficionados. This picture presents the greatest number of naked people ever portreyed on one photograph. Let me point out just a few highlights of this great epic. Approximately 7mm below the shoreline of northern Africa you can see the desert expedition of a Cornell anthropologist Dr. Jessica Turnbull and her two companions Miss Stephanie Wood and Patricia Walters having a topless afternoon siesta in front of their tent, located in the southeast tip of Algeria. Also easily seen is the famous nude beach "Harare" in west Congo, filled with shapely French and Spanish tourists. Africa is also a continent where native women don't wear bras, so the total number of naked women on this photograph is estimated at 34,000,000 while the number of naked men on the same picture is only about 170,000 which will probably make the photo less attractive to women than to men. So all you horny guys, get yourselves a magnifying glass and enjoy!

Do not advertise above these lines.

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Prattville, AL

NUDE FISHING Please visit our nudist colony located on the east shore of the Fake Lake, just 14 miles south of Kocourkov. Spend a quiet rainy afternoon without your clothes and with our top quality fishing equipment (a rod rents for 200 AF/hr.). All fish you catch is guaranteed to be yours. Binoculars available. Register today and be eligible to win a sugar free gum.

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ATTENTION ANIMAL LOVERS We now proudly present our complete catalog of color photographs of 218,928 common species (mostly mammals), all of them without any clothes. This monograph also includes the famous section of beavers in their natural habitat and even more famous section of really wet bears. You won't believe your eyes. Order NOW! Call 1-9-2638 and ask for Poochie. As a bonus gift, we'll include our "Fresh Air Fun Kit" for no extra charge.
Full frontal nudity

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VIBRATORS FOUND Three vibrators were found running west accross our corn field yesterday evening. We managed to catch them and lock them in in our barn. We'd like to ask the owner to send a self-addressed stamped box to Croton family, Overbrook International Cornfield, Weird County, Absurdistan. They seem to be in a stable condition even though 2 of them must be having some kind of fever since they keep shaking and shivering from cold.

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